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Too tight to spring out of bed in the morning. Too knotted up to do normal chores around the house or even play with your kids. Maybe you should schedule another massage session… or do you need something more?

When muscles contract, they mechanically work to move joints that are SUPPOSED exhibit a certain range of motion. If those joints are stiff or fixated the attached muscles will contract against an unexpected force… like trying to suddenly pull open a locked door you assumed was not. The initial shock can leave the muscle   As the spine becomes tied down with vertebral subluxations (segmental fixations in your spine), not only do your muscles tighten up, but your nerve function becomes compromised. Normal organ physiology like cardiac function, digestion, respiration and immune response slow to a crawl leaving you in a weakened state. It’s more than what a simple shoulder rub can handle.

Knots in your muscles can affect your comfort level, but ‘knots’ in your spine (subluxations) will hinder your expression of Health and Life. Therapeutic massage is fantastic for relieving stressed muscles and purging lactic acid build up.


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