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You’ve Gotta See My Chiropractor!

★★★★★ “My children and I love our weekly adjustments from Dr. Tom. Would highly recommend if your looking for a family practice.”  – Lisa W.

★★★★★ “Dr Tom is wonderful!! He has set up a business model that allows our family to be checked and adjusted as much as we need at a low fixed fee…”  – Michelle D.

★★★★★ “Highly recommended for anyone who knows the value of Chiropractic care and would love to experience it more regularly.”  – K. Rogers

★★★★★ “Dr Tom is wonderful and always excited to treat you. He has an amazing program! My highest recommendation.”  Ryan Willoughby

★★★★★ “My co-workers who aren’t near Holly Springs are jealous of the plan Dr. Tom offers and have tried and failed with their chiropractors.”  – Tome Gahagen

★★★★★ “…finally someone who actually understands a families busy schedule and finances. I highly recommend Dr. Tom to everyone I know!”  – Kelly Boland

★★★★★ “Best chiropractor in Holly Springs and surrounding area. Friendly, affordable and great quality.”  – Linden Pfeiffer


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $97

Ends 04/30/24

Meet Holly Springs Chiropractor Dr. Tom Popow
Dr. Tom Popow graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1996 and has been serving Holly Springs, NC and it’s surrounding towns since 2003.

Dr. Tom’s passion is to help others feel better and live better. He absolutely loves being a Chiropractor and the people he meets along the journey.

Dr. Tom manages and provides all aspects of care at Sunset Ridge Chiropractic, so you’re guaranteed to get his hands every time you stop in for an adjustment.

Who Do We Help?


We take care of moms, dads and kids of all ages. Some start because of simple aches and pains – others because they want a more natural way of resolving their chronic health issues.

We also have raving Chiropractic fans who come for regular wellness visits.

  • Mom’s Health 100% 100%
  • Dad’s Health 100% 100%
  • Kids’ Health 100% 100%

What Should You Expect?

On your first visit, you’ll get to tell Dr. Tom about your health concerns – how it’s affecting your job, family, recreation… your whole Life.

You will learn about how chiropractic works to help your whole body function and how regular chiropractic check ups can increase your life potential. We’ll show you,

  • What’s wrong,
  • How we can fix it,
  • How long will it take and
  • How much will it cost.

Your visit may include visual posture checks, spinal palpation & range of motion exams as well as diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the actual cause of your complaints – Allow 30 minutes from start to finish.

google-reviews-link-underlined“Dr. Tom is wonderful! He offers a program where you pay one monthly fee for chiropractic care and you can come during open hours as often as you need to. My husband, my two children and I try to go once per week.”  Click Here

Beth Richardson

“Dr. Tom & Dr. Wendy at Sunset Ridge Chiropractic in Holly Springs are very knowledgeable about your whole body. Been going to them about 10 years. They are very loving and caring people.  read more

Lulu Morrison

“…by far, this is the best doctor and practice I’ve ever seen. You come in as much or as little as you need and the cost is the same. No insurance games or insurance companies dictating your health care. I’m confident you’ll be as pleased as I have been.”  read more



No appointments needed – just drop in and get checked


All the care you and your family need at an affordable price


Gentle care for ALL ages – newborns to seniors


Making Chiropractic Care easy to access and affordable to maintain

Frequently Asked Questions


Good things to know before you come in.

What about insurance?
If you have insurance, we’ll gladly compare rates. Most clients (especially with Obamacare plans) discover our Membership fees are much lower than their contracted costs.

You can start saving now by booking a $37 New Patient Visit (normally $97).

What are your normal fees?
First visit fees are normally $97 (includes consult, exam and first adjustment). Follow up office visits are $50.

Looking for affordable wellness care for your whole family? Ask about our Membership plans for more savings as low as $97 per month.

Who will work on me?
Dr Tom Popow has been a Chiropractor in Holly Springs, NC since 2003. He manages everything in the office and will provide all aspects of your care.

We employ no other associates so you’re guaranteed to get Dr Tom’s hands every time you drop in for an adjustment.

Read more about Dr. Tom here

Can I get adjusted on Day 1?
Yes! If Dr. Tom clearly understands your problem and can safely adjust you, he gladly will on your first visit – why wait to start the healing process?
Why no appointments?
Our regular clients don’t make appointments. They know their recommendations and simply drop in for adjustments when it’s convenient for them.

You’ll appreciate not having to schedule your life around doctors visits. We have morning, afternoon and evening Walk-In Hours throughout the week for your convenience… and feel free to bring the kids!

What's a regular visit like?
When you become a regular client, you’ll be seen on a first come first serve basis. Because you don’t need an appointment, you can easily fit in a quick visit when you want.

At our busiest, you’ll never wait longer than 10 minutes to see the doctor. We’re always aware and respectful of your valuable time.

Do you push vitamins?
No, we won’t make you buy supplements, they don’t sell pillows and they don’t do adjunctive therapies. We just do Chiropractic – plain and simple!
Will I have to come forever?
It’s true, some clients go regularly for wellness care, but you don’t have to. The choice is up to you.

You can receive as much or as little care as you feel comfortable with.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” – Hippocrates

Accepting New Patients!
“If you’re still on the fence, schedule a special New Patient Visit and let’s talk. No obligations, no commitments. We guarantee you’ll love how our practice works.” – Dr. Tom


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $97

Ends 04/30/24

  • Monday        8:00 – 5:15
  • Tuesday         7 – 8
  • Wednesday   12 – 6
  • Thursday      8:00 – 5:15
  • Friday             Closed
  • Saturday        Closed
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