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You’ve Gotta See My Chiropractor!

★★★★★ “Best chiropractor in Charleston. Dr. Dawn truly cares about her patients and their complete health! So glad I was referred to her!” 

★★★★★ “Dr. Dawn helps my family thrive through fantastic chiropractic care. We are able to go as often as we wish thanks to the affordable family plan.” 

★★★★★ “Dawn is amazing. She genuinely cares about each patient and their overall well-being. Her office is family friendly, and I love that you never need an appointment.” 

★★★★★ “Dr. Dawn helps my family thrive through fantastic chiropractic care. We are able to go as often as we wish thanks to the affordable family plan.” 

★★★★★ “Dawn has done an outstanding job at making me feel at ease with my first time using a chiropractor. Her methods are outstanding.”

★★★★★ “Our family love her as a person and as a doctor. We lucked out when we found Prime Chiropractic.” 

★★★★★ “If you are considering going to see her, don’t hesitate! You won’t be disappointed. She will change your life.” 


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $129

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Meet Charleston Chiropractor Dr. Dawn
“Chiropractic changed my life… When I was in my 20’s I had headaches 20 out of 30 days in a month. I was on lots of medications and never got relief.

When I started chiropractic care, not only did my headaches decrease in severity and frequency, I began to recognize the power my body had to heal itself over the course of time. I have not taken a SINGLE drug of any kind in over 6 years and I very rarely get headaches now. That’s why I decided to become a Chiropractor…

I graduated Life Chiropractic University in 2007 and in 2011, opened Prime Chiropractic in West Ashley – just miles away from where I grew up. I enjoy serving practice members as young as 2 days old and as old as 92. Chiropractic is for anyone who wants to add more LIFE to their life!” – Dr. Dawn

Who Do We Help?


We take care of moms, dads and kids of all ages. Some start because of simple aches and pains – others because they want a more natural way of resolving their chronic health issues.

We also have raving Chiropractic fans who come for regular wellness visits.

  • Mom’s Health 100% 100%
  • Dad’s Health 100% 100%
  • Kids’ Health 100% 100%

What Should You Expect?

On your first visit, you’ll get to tell Dr. Dawn about your health concerns – how it’s affecting your job, family, recreation… your whole Life.

You will learn about how chiropractic works to help your whole body function and how regular chiropractic check ups can increase your life potential. We’ll show you,

  • What’s wrong,
  • How we can fix it,
  • How long will it take and
  • How much will it cost.

Your visit may include visual posture checks, spinal palpation & range of motion exams as well as diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the actual cause of your complaints – Allow 30 minutes from start to finish.

google-reviews-link-underlined“Best chiropractor in Charleston. Dr. Dawn truly cares about her patients and their complete health! So glad I was referred to her!”  Click Here

Lee Ann Robinson

“Love Dr. Dawn. She does myself and my whole family! I have been to many different chiropractors and she is the best!”  read more

Michelle Trementozzi

“I recommend Dawn to EVERYONE, of ANY age or physical status.  She’ll bring life back to your body and make you laugh while it happens!”  read more

Dani C


You don’t need appointments, so you can fit us into your busy schedule.


Our affordable rates help you and your family get the care you want and need.


From pregnant moms to retired great- granddads, we care for the whole family.


We aim to serve God by serving his people & helping them Ingnite life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Good things to know before you come in.

What about insurance?

Our office is set up so that you don’t need insurance. Living the Chiropractic lifestyle provides health assurance, so you can use your insurance for crisis/emergency care.

We offer in house plans that are both affordable and convenient. Most members discover our fees are lower that their contracted insurance rates.

We will work to find the most affordable way for you to receive chiropractic care. You can start saving now by booking a $79 New Patient Visit (normally $129).

What are your normal fees?

First visit fees are $129 (includes consult, exam and first adjustment). Follow up office visits are $60.

If you’re looking for affordable wellness care for your whole family, ask about our membership plans for more savings – as low as $149 a month!

Who will work on me?
Dr. Dawn has been a Chiropractor since 2007. She will manage and provide all aspects of your care.

She employs no other associates so you’re guaranteed to get Dr. Dawn’s hands every time you drop in for an adjustment.

Read more about Dr. Dawn here

Can I get adjusted on Day 1?
YES! If we clearly understand your spinal condition and can safely adjust you, well gladly do so on your first visit – why wait to start the healing process?
Why no appointments?
Our regular clients don’t make appointments. They know their recommendations and simply drop in for adjustments when it’s convenient for them.

You’ll appreciate not having to schedule your life around doctors visits. We have morning, afternoon and evening Walk-In Hours throughout the week for your convenience… and feel free to bring the kids!


What's a regular visit like?
When you become a regular client, you’ll be seen on a first come first serve basis. Because you don’t need an appointment, you can easily fit in a quick visit when you want.

At their busiest, you’ll never wait longer than 10 minutes to see the doctor.  They’re always aware and respectful of your valuable time.

Do you push vitamins?
No, we don’t push supplements, we don’t sell pillows and we don’t do adjunctive therapies. We just do Chiropractic – because it works!
Will I have to come forever?
It’s true, we have clients who come regularly because they understand the benefits of having a clear Nerve System, but we don’t FORCE them to do so.

We’ll show you the finest Chiropractic care available, you get to choose how much of it you want in your life.

“What Lies before us and what lies behind us are SMALL MATTERS compared to what lies WITHIN us!” – Thoreau

Book Now and Save!
“If you’re still on the fence, schedule a special New Patient Visit and let’s talk. No obligations, no commitments. We guarantee you’ll love how our practice works.” – Dr. Dawn


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $129

Ends 04/30/24

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